“This morning there’s snow everywhere. We remark on it.
You tell me you didn’t sleep well. I say
I didn’t either. You had a terrible night. “Me too.”
We’re extraordinarily calm and tender with each other
as if sensing the other’s rickety state of mind.
As if we knew what the other was feeling. We don’t,
of course. We never do. No matter.
It’s the tenderness I care about. That’s the gift
this morning that moves and holds me.
Same as every morning.” — Raymond Carver, “The Gift” (via bhagyawati)

Barcelona vs Real Madrid (April 16, 2014) | Bale 85’ [HD]


ART: Abstract Geometric Reflections by Victoria Siemer

Don’t you just love good design work? Victoria Siemer, also know as Witchoria, is a graphic designer hailing from Brooklyn, New York.

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Real Madrid in the locker room after the winning the Copa del Rey | 16-02-14 
[The song that the players were shown dancing to is Ashanti’s “I Got It.”]


no matter what im doing at least 10% of my brain capacity is perpetually dedicated to imagining oscar wilde on social media. oscar wilde on twitter. oscar wilde on tumblr. oscar wilde on grindr. opening a snapchat from oscar wilde. can you imagine.


"Real Madrid is the biggest club and that creates a lot of envy around it. You can say that the treatment is the same, but it’s not. Real Madrid is the best in the world and it will fight until the end. The fans were great, they spurred us on, and I have to thank them for their support since the start of the season. I believe we are going to win the league.” — Cristiano Ronaldo [+ ∙ +]


“1. You will ache like you are missing bones. Let yourself ache. Do not search for the bandages, do not call an ambulance. The bones that have left never belonged to you anyways.
2. Your mother will call. She will ask about the ghosts in your home, she will ask if you need help getting rid of them. It’s okay if you want to hold on to the chill a while longer. It’s okay if you say no.
3. Make an extra cup of coffee in the morning, just in case he comes back.
4. Cry in the supermarket when you pick up milk and eggs and you realize you only need enough for one. When people stare, cry more. Remember the way he would have protected you.
5. Sit in the shower and pluck hair out of the razor he left behind. Search for blood. Remember the way he is only human. The way he bleeds, too.
6. Line up the pictures. Let your hands tremble. If you can’t hold a match yet because you might burn the whole house down, that’s okay. Let the the memories sit out in the sun. Watch the way his eyes fade when they are competing with the stars.
7. Do not let your sadness take the place of him. Depression is not a good lover. It does not know how to touch without emptying.
8. Call up your mother, tell her you are ready. Tell her you are done with being haunted. Let her rock you to sleep, let her heartbeat be enough of a lullaby.
9. Remember what love used to mean. The way your father’s arms were a door without a lock. The way you never needed to break in to get back home.
10. You are made of more than the places he touched. You were poetry before he wrote over your words, you are still poetry now.
11. You are not a single poem, you are poetry. There is a difference.
12. Stop living like you are a tragedy. You are not a tragedy. You are not a car crash. You are not a train wreck. Sometimes people leave, and it almost kills you. But it doesn’t. This is not a tragedy.
13. You were born and you were already enough.
14. You are still enough. You are still enough. On the nights you wake up feeling like you are nothing without someone to tell you otherwise, you are still enough.” — Y.Z, Moving on (via rustyvoices)

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways


11 useless men are ruining my life and earning money for that.


Salvador Dali drawing a penis on the forehead of a woman and signing it with Picasso’s signature


Salvador Dali drawing a penis on the forehead of a woman and signing it with Picasso’s signature